Life is Interesting : A Pathways Icebreaker Speech

Life is InTeReStInG: A Pathways Icebreaker Speech

I was born and brought up in Perambalur, categorized as a district but yet remains as a village. But the proud thing I can say about my district is we export a huge amount of onions to other districts. So, whenever you eat onions remember that it’s from my village, sorry district.

I’m the remarkable son of Balasubramanian and Geetha. Let me elucidate how my mom’s Friends and relatives said that my mom is going to have a baby girl by seeing the internal fertilization process of her. My father believed firmly. If you ask me how much, I will say he ended up fighting with the doctor for changing the child when he brought me on March 4, 1996, to my father.


My name was Mirun Narayanan but I was called as Mischievous Mirun. My mom was not there during my early stages of life so my father took care of me. He brought me some spinach mixed with rice to eat.
I hate eating spinach. I disposed of my food silently into the sewage when he was not around. He returned home and asked me whether I had my food.
I said, “Yes Nana, I had it”.He thrashed me. My father hates lies.
Confused with how he caught me?
I spilled the food all the way which eventually lead him to that place.
Another incident to mischievousness was,
There was continuous robbery around the town and no one took any measures to catch the thief. So, I planned to catch the thief.
I designed a trap to catch thieves if they come into our house to steal things. It’s very simple, a pan comes from the top of the cupboard and smashes the thief. Sadly I forgot the fact that my mom will open the cupboard too.
Yes, I can hear your thoughts the pan smashed my mom’s face.
There are lot speak about my extracurricular activities, I won 1st Prize in speech competition while I was studying LKG. Unfortunately, that was the first and last prize in my life. I participated in singing competitions too, trust me, I am very good at singing badly.
(End of my extracurricular activities.)
I studied in my hometown until my 10th grade. I was an average student who has a crush on his math teacher. Obvious, I should be good at maths. And, I am. After completing 10th std I joined Kurinji Higher Secondary school as a hostel-like. They were the pioneers in producing human Xerox machines. I had secured a very good mark in my 12th Public exam being a very good Xerox machine.
Then got admission in ANNA UNIVERSITY under plastic engineering and technology but unfortunately, my mom was not interested in sending me to Chennai as she is overprotective. So I joined Bishop Heber College in Trichy and did my UG in Actuarial Science. The best part of being in BHC was I got a chance to reject ANNA UNIVERSITY.
I completed my UG and got placed as a facilitator in the BBC | Abnersoft division. My parents started to work on something very important. It’s nothing but to get me married so I flew from my house and reached Chennai. And then I wrote lots of entrance tests and got placed in SSN School of management. Just because I ran away from my home don’t think I hate getting married.
As I was grown up being inside my house,
I was not exposed to the outside world I lacked interpersonal skills, how to behave with others, what to speak what not to speak. All I know was complete shows of Cartoon network and nothing more than that.
Here I am standing in front of you as an amateur. I saw toastmasters as a platform which develops people into a better version of themselves. I saw toastmasters as a platform where people learn by failing and learn from experts. In my two months of the journey in Toastmasters, I saw many people appreciating me, encouraging me and teaching me a lot of things.
Everyone you meet in your life plays a prominent role in your life.
And this is not the end there are so many interesting things yet to happen.
What are the interesting things happened in your life?

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