Become a Member

How do i join CTM?

Joining Chennai Toastmasters Club (CTM) is really easy. Attend a club meeting on any Sunday, 4 PM as a guest. Meet the VP Membership and fill out an application form. Your membership will be approved within a few days.

Is there any fee involved?

Yes. To become a member, you have to pay:

  • A one-time joining fee of Rs. 3000 (this includes US $20 charged by TMI for enrolling a new member)
  • A half-yearly subscription fee of Rs. 4700. This needs to be paid in September and March every year.

TMI and CTM are not for profit organisations. The fees collected from the members are used towards expenses of running the club and organising various events at area/division/district levels.

How and to whom should I pay the membership fee?

The membership fee needs to be paid on a half-yearly basis

  • In the month of September for the October to March cycle
  • In the month of March for the April to September cycle.

The fee needs to be paid to the Vice President Membership or the Treasurer of the club. The fee can be paid via cash, cheque or online transfer. Account details for online transfer shall be provided on request.

What are the benefits of membership?

Toastmasters provides you the tools that enable you to become an effective communicator and leader. The skills you acquire at Toastmasters help you both in personal and professional life.

Toastmasters helps you:

  • Develop self-confidence when speaking in public
  • Give effective presentations to all types of audiences
  • Speak off the cuff on a variety of topics
  • Learn in a club environment, among friends
  • Receive ongoing feedback and encouragement

In your life, whether personal or professional, you’ll be able to:

  • Hone your organisation and management skills
  • Work better with your colleagues and customers
  • Develop and present ideas clearly
  • Offer constructive feedback and appreciation
  • Accept criticism gracefully and objectively
  • Conduct meetings effectively

You’ll enjoy the fellowship of Toastmasters as you learn how to:

  • Research, Prepare and Deliver speeches on a wide variety of topics
  • Design and use visual aids to enhance your message
  • Host and speak at family and social occasions

Who will be providing the training?

At Toastmasters, we do not have trainers. Toastmasters employs the concept of learning through experience. New members are assigned, mentors. Your mentor will guide you in achieving your goals. You can also seek help from your member regarding club activities.

You will also learn from other members as you observe them and give and receive feedback from all members.

Who should I get in touch with for further queries?

For any further queries, feel free to get in touch with TM Kritika Raju who is the current VP Membership of the club. You can reach her on:

But joining CTM is only the first step. Just as you cannot learn swimming by reading a book about swimming, one cannot become a good public speaker or a better leader just by attending CTM meetings. The full benefits of joining Toastmasters and CTM can be realized only by one’s own effort, initiative, and methodical effort.