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Words from The President

Thank you for expressing your Interest in Chennai Toastmasters Club!

I first came to toastmasters in January of 2012, I hoped to find a place to speak but was quite bashful, I met friendly people who invited me in and what I observed stuck with me forever-

I saw a young woman whose hands were held throughout the time she was about to speak, she spoke and her hands were continued to be held. It was apparent that she had some sort of nervous breakdown, what surprised me was not that she had the breakdown but that she had someone to hold her hands.

I didn’t join toastmasters for another four years when I stepped in again it was the same person who I had seen on the day I first entered. She was speaking with greater confidence and to some she seemed like a natural born speaker. I later learned that the person who held her hand that day was her mentor and that he had expired.

I joined toastmasters, participated in competitions and mostly importantly made new friends. Joining Chennai Toastmasters’ club has been life altering experience for me. I only wish I was a bit early.

Make the first step to change your life,

Please come visit our club,

TM Ankur Singhi
President (July 1 2017 to December 31 2017)

Meet the Crew

Meet the Members
Abraham Zachariah, DTM
Ajay Sasidharan
Ankur Singhi, CC, ALB
Babu R
Chakri G S Vinjamoori
Deepak Kumar
Dhanush B S
Divyesh Thaker
Esvara Prasanna K
Gayathri Kaliaperumal
Gourav Kumar
Guruvayurappan Balasubramanian, CC, CL
Hudayamani PR
Hussain SM
Jaichitra Ramakrishnan, CC, ALB
Jimmy Pathrose
John Sherlin J
Kalvath Syed
Karthikeyan Deivamani
Lakshminarayana Sathyanarayana
Lalitha Giridhar, DTM
Murugesan Velayutham, CC
Nagendra Bharathi, CC
Naman Bhardwaj
Nina John, DTM
Noorain Mohammed Nadim, ACB, ALB
Paul James Parackal
Raj Kumar S
Rajkiran U
Ramesh Daswani, ACG, ALB
Ramnath Rajaram, ACB
Ravindran B
Rekha S, CL
Revanth Sridhar
Sasidhar Pammal Balakrishnan, CC, ALB
Sakthi Kumar
Sarath R
Saravanaraja Govindaraj
Sastharam Ravendran, DTM
Satish G, CC, ALB
Siddhartha Vinayak Dongare
Sivakumar D
Somasundaram Selvaganapathy
Sri Harish Narasimhan
Sumita Iyer
Sunil Baffna, DTM
Thanigeaswara Anbarasu Kalappan, CC, CL
Varatharaj Varatharaj
Venu Neelakandan, CC, CL
Vignesh Raghavendran
Vijay Prabhakaran
Vivekanandan Venkatesan
Yuvaraj Loganathan, CC
Akshay Shah
Club Achievements

Landmark Achievements July 16 – Dec 16 Term

1. Under the Distinguished Club’s Programme(DCP) for the Pried July1,2016 to June 30,2017, CTM has already achived 7 out of 10 Goals.Already Qualified us a Distinguished Club.

2. Under the DCP CTM  leads at both the Area level and the Division level in the District. At the
District level, we are at no. 2 and are tied with Madurai Toastmasters Club. Medley Toastmasters.

3. Club contests for Humorous Speech and Evaluations were successfully organised on August 28,
2016 with TM Vivek Anand as the Contest Chair.

4. CTM has launched agenda on the mobile and reduced the paper used by printing ballots instead of the agenda in our effort to go green

Beat the Clock – the club added five new, dual or reinstated members during May and June. 2005-2006
Smedley Award – the club added five new, dual or reinstated members during August and September. 2006-2007
Talk up Toastmasters – the club added five new, dual or reinstated members during February and March. 2004-2005

Distinguished Club Programs

President’s Distinguished Club – the highest level of recognition available. The club met the membership prerequisite and achieved at least nine of the 10 goals. 2006-2007
Select Distinguished Club – the club met the membership prerequisite and achieved seven or eight of the 10 goals. 2007-2008
Distinguished Club – the club met the membership prerequisite and achieved at least five of the 10 goals. 2005-2006
Distinguished Clubs Program - Scoreboard of CTM

CTM  Performance Dashboard

Our Club Position for the program year July 2016- June 2017, we have successfully met the criteria fully by January 22, 2017!