CTM Awards 2019

Dear CTMers,

CTM awards are back!! Yes… we mean it!

“A person who feels appreciated will do more than is expected”

The key to our success rests in people like you, who embody the spirit of greatness by saying,”Yes I can, and you can, too”

The most merest and uplifting things one can hear is appreciation, right?

But, Ex-comm actualized that it’s time to take a leap forward and evince admiration to those who merit it.

With a unitary objective to apprise members who voluntarily come forward to take responsibilities of not only as role players but also as mentors mentoring others, CTM Ex-com is back with “CTM AWARDS” for the term January-June 2019 and the list goes like this…



1. Enthusiasm Award for the Month XXX’ 2019

Award will focus on members who shows their exceptional exuberant enthusiastic demeanor during or after meeting with club members.

Evaluation Basis:
Interaction with guests -making them feel welcome and helping them understand the toastmasters culture
Taking initiative in volunteering to help in meeting activities and arrangements
Attending training programs/events conducted by the district and TLI
Interaction with Club Members before & after meeting
Involvement in club related discussions and suggestions to Ex-com

Eligibility Criteria:
Nominee should have attended at least 3 club meetings in a month

Selection Criteria:
Winner nomination & selection will be solely on Ex-com votes and decision
Winner should get more than 50% of Ex-com votes

2. Toastmaster of the Month XXX’ 2019

Rationale behind keeping this award is to encourage members to participate voluntarily in taking roles and speech slots to improve their communication and leadership skills

Eligibility Criteria
CTM Member must have taken any role or speech in minimum 3 meetings in a month
No same roles in two consecutive meetings

Selection Criteria
Winner will be confirmed on point basis at the end of the month
Each role will be given 2 points; individuals who won Diary/Ribbon during monthly club meetings will get bonus 1 point.
Member with highest point will be considered as winner. In case of tie between two or more members, final decision will be of Ex-com where winner should get more than 50% votes



3. Best Role Player of the Term

Criteria’s for this award are same as monthly Role player award but it will be calculated for all 6 months combined.

4. Best Mentor of the Term

Eligibility Criteria
Mentor should have at least one mentee

Selection Criteria
Selection of best mentor will be on points basis earned by their mentees by participating in club meeting.
Points are as follows:

-JIG/TAG – 2 points
-TMOD/GE/TT Evaluator/Evaluator/TT Master – 3 points
-Speeches – 4 points
-Winner for the role played in the meeting – 1 point bonus

In case a mentor has more than 1 mentees, then total points earned will be divided by number of mentees available with mentor.

Friends, it’s well said that “if you don’t show appreciation to those that deserve it, they’ll learn to stop doing the things you appreciate”

Hence, I look forward for your immense participation in upcoming meetings with full zest and zeal.


Thank you

Dhanush B S
Vice President-Education
Chennai Toastmasters Club

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