Toastmasters Leadership Institute


Toastmasters Leadership Institute- TLI

The Toastmasters Leadership Institute helps Toastmasters across the district to come together to
network, share ideas, and be inspired. It’s where newly-elected club officers receive training on how to
best serve their clubs. TLI not only helps the current club leaders – but also to anyone who may be
interested in becoming a club officer

Key Objectives
District 82 – Toastmasters Leadership Institute was established with the following 3 key objectives:

Consistency & Quality

To maintain consistency of the educational training programs such as COTP, JTP & Emergence, that are conducted throughout the district
To maintain quality in the program and equal learning experience, irrespective of division and location the training is held in

To make these basic training programs more affordable to members, thereby enabling more members to attend.


To spread out the training programs on several dates, so that members will have more options to choose from.
To publish dates in advance so that members can plan their agenda’s
What’s in it for every Toastmaster

1.Chance to spend quality time with seasoned leaders
2.Opportunity to mentor the next set of leaders
3.Knowledge about the significance of training and club officer roles
4.Chance to exchange leadership ideas and network with other club officers

TLI Team

TM Alex Jacob and  TM Yasangi Randeni are the TLI Chair for Tamil Nadu  and Sri Lanka respectively.TM Shyleswari Mohan, the pride of Chennai Toastmasters Club is the Co Chair at TLI Tamil Nadu.

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